Creating reassurance with Hive Link

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I have always been so close to my grandparents, or granny and grampy as they like to be called! I think it is always hard to see your loved ones getting older and not be able to do the same things that they used to be able to do. My Granny is disabled and can’t get around the house as she used to be able to, some days she struggles to just walk to the other room. Continue reading “Creating reassurance with Hive Link”


Equipt for the outdoors with Regatta!

We are the type of family who love to get outdoors and explore. We live in such a good location where we have the moors 10 minutes away, the beach 30 minutes away and we are surrounded by woodland and forests. When Regatta got in touch to test out some of their outdoor wear, it seemed perfect for our family! I chose a selection of items including a coat, wellies and jumper for me, a bag, coat and walking boots for Elliot, then a puddle suit for Felix.

We love them all! As you can see by the photos, the puddlesuit definitely got tested in the rain storm that we had the other day! We got caught outside during this but luckily when we got home and took of the puddlesuit, Felix was completely dry. The same goes for my coat! I love the Khaki colour on it, and thank goodness it had a hood when we got cought out in it! It’s the perfect fit and really true to size. Elliot loves his new jacket (hear about it every time he puts it on, lol) and is always wearing his new walking boots.. this is where I moan that he is constantly trailer mud through the house. When do men ever learn?!. My wellies are literally the comfiest wellies I have ever worn! I went for a classic black colour that goes with everything and they are just so soft and waterproof, perfect!

Elliots bag is so big and spacious, perfect for when he goes away walking and hiking with his friends. I haven’t used it but he said that it fits so much in and it is very comfortable to wear.

Overall, we will definitely buy from Regatta when we need outdoor gear! the quality of the items is great and I feel like they will last us all for a long time.

Love Cyah xxx


Maxi Cosi Adorra puschair review

After a tough but amazing 19 months of being parents, I do feel like I have a good grasp on things that are practical / unpractical and I also love trying out new things to see how they work and function in a real life setting. Recently, we got the new Maxi cosi Adorra puschair to review. I love Maxi Cosi and we use their carseat for Felix, it has been amazing! Check out my other blog post if you want to find out more about that.

The travel system comes in three main pieces:

  1. The infant carseat (obviously there’s a base for the carseat, too)
  2. The main stroller frame
  3. The stroller seat 

There’s also adaptors that are removed whether or not the infant seat is being used.

One thing that is really cool is that the stroller seat can be faced either inwards or outwards and really grows with the child. Felix prefers facing outwards now that he is a bit older, he loves pointing out to all of the cars going by! The back portion of the stroller seat also fully reclines and you can lay your baby flat, almost like you’re pushing a bassinet. So the stroller seat works for smaller babies too! The bottom portion of the stroller seat is also adjustable and you can raise or lower it depending on if you have a little one or a toddler riding along. It’s also so so  easy to fold up. Literally just pushes of buttons and pressing of levels and boom. It is quick, easy, light and simple.. perfect!

I love the basket on this thing. I mean, for real. The basket on this travel system is literally a parents dream!! I also love tha adjustable handlebar, so that you can make it feel comfortable for yourself to push. The only con I could find is that this is definitely not really an “all-terrain” system. Because the weight is so balance, it is actually tough to get over “humps” which, is GOOD in that it doesn’t tip over easily, but difficult to get up on a sidewalk, if that makes sense (or over any obstacle).

Click this link to shop or see what you think!


Felix’s morning and nightime routine using the Playbrush smart sonic toothbrush!


I thought I would give you guys a little update on how we are getting on with Felix’s morning and nighttime routine, a little look on our usual morning and nighttime and how much easier the Playbrush mart sonic toothbrush has made it all!

I have previously done a blog post all about the Playbrush smart sonic toothbrush and how it had made our routine with Felix a lot quicker and got rid of those tantrums when it came to brushing his teeth! Go give it a read for quick update if you don’t know what the smart sonic toothbrush is.. it’s a game changer!

I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a bit of out routine into this post as it works so well for us and I have always been someone who is very strict with routine.

Felix usually wakes up between 6:30-7am (on rare occasions he has slept till 8 hehe).  We go in and get him and bring him into our room for a cuddle and a bottle of milk, this is usually short-lived as we are all up and out of the house for work / college by 7:30am! So we take in turns getting him ready and doing a quick tidy up whilst the other one gets a shower. I pack his nursery bags and my bags the night before just to save time on a morning. Mornings in our house are CHAOS! they are my least favourite part of the day because of the rush of getting us all out of the house. I feel better for it though once I’m up and ready otherwise I would just lounge about and get nothing done. I love to feel productive! Using the Playbrush smart sonic toothbrush cut down our routine by about 5 minutes.. it doesn’t seem a lot but trust me it is when you are so short on time in a morning. Felix loves it as soon as I say ‘shall we brush our teeth?’ he comes running into the bathroom waiting for me to get the app up on my phone so that he can play along with the interactive games and see how well he is doing at brushing! Watch the video on my instagram to see how well he is doing!

Evenings are a lot more chilled out for us. I usually pick Felix up and we are home by about 6pm, Elliot is then home around 6:30pm. Felix has his tea at nursery which saves a lot of time! I’m the one who usually cooks tea (if I’m not on a night-shift, otherwise it’s grab what you can’ whilst Elliot baths and gets Felix ready for bed. This includes his favourite part… brushing his teeth!! He honestly loves it and I think it makes him feel grown up how he uses an electric toothbrush just like mum’s and dad’s! After this he comes downstairs and we all sit on the sofa to watch iggle piggle whilst he has his bottle of milk. Elliot will then read him a story in his bedroom whilst I finish off tea. Felix is always in bed by 7, we have always been so strict on this even if we are out somewhere we make sure to be back for 6:30 or get a babysitter, otherwise it would throw him off his routine and he would become overtired and not sleep. Luckily this has helped Felix sleep through the night 7-7 from 16 weeks old. It takes him anywhere from a couple of minutes to ten mins tops to fall asleep. He occasionally wakes in the night if he is unwell but luckily me and Elliot have our time in the evenings to sit down have a meal and relax.

Going back to the toothbrush, p.s. you need one of these in your lives, it is so easy to use and the games advance as they make their way through the levels or age categories. I will link their website and social pages below!

Lots of love, Cyah xx

click here for their website

instagram – @teamplaybrush

(This post is part of a paid collaboration with Playrbush).


Road safety week with Nuna car seats.

I have recently been working with Nuna to try out their brand new Nuna NORR car seat. It is a car seat for children from newborn – 4.5 years approx. Designed to be super safe and rearward facing! I have always been really cautious when it comes to driving with Felix in the car, making sure that he is as safe as possible whilst comfortable and enjoying the journey! img_7061

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